• Main EIGER target applications:
    • Round optimisation, guidance and accurate location of target points: this mission implies to act on several items located at different locations into one or several buildings. An EIGER navigation device/module is linked with a smartphone running professional application software (thanks to a cable or more likely with a standard RF interface). In this application, the user of the EIGER solution can see his location e.g. on a the related area map.
    • Trajectory recording, mission analysis and proof of operation: for this second application scenario, a worker using the EIGER system does not need to use the positioning and navigation capabilities in real time. The navigation device is used to record the trajectory of the worker during his mission for e.g. off-line processing.

  • Additional application scenarios:
    • Robot navigation and tasks automation: thanks to the accuracy made available by the used technologies, the EIGER navigation module could be used as a guidance support to robotic application scenarios. The navigation module could be mounted on a semi-autonomous robot, allowing precise positioning and therefore the accomplishment of several tasks not feasible with the today's systems unless using laser pointing and specific optical systems.
    • People and asset tracking: other application scenarios where the EIGER solution can be exploited are related to the tracking in professional sites market. For such application scenarios, an operating center is receiving in real time the current position of several workers, robots or assets and can see their location on a map of the considered site. Tracking patrolmen over a multi-building site is a typical example of people tracking application. This is a recurrent need in most professional sites.
    • Tourism applications: this relates to a a specific segment of the consumer Localization Based Services (LBS) market where a dedicated navigation device, the EIGER system, could be provided to an end-user who is for example renting an audio guide for visitors of a museum.